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Original Song

Eléonore recently participated in on hope: a digital song cycle. This initiative is an “unprecedented outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis”. They launched fundraising to support artists involved in the project, you can donate at this link.
Eléonore Duizabo and Sam Young wrote “Crying in Tesco” which was performed live on May 6th 2020.
Here is the video to “Crying in Tesco”, performed by Eléonore:


You probably understood by now that Eléonore is synonymous with baguette!
What happens when you take two musicals, mix two of their songs and tell the story with the help of a few baguettes? A baguette on medley!
Without further ado, here is the first of many medleys: Blood Heathers, a mix of Blood Brothers and Heathers! Enjoy:

Vocal Reel