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Musical Theatre Actress

Satin Dollz

Eléonore joined the Satin Dollz Paris Division, un ensemble vocal de pin ups !

Buena Note Scatolina

In July 2022, Eléonore joined the company Big Drama for an immersive show for Apple and Hermes in Venice.


Eléonore joined the operetta Normandie with the Frivolités Parisiennes orchestra. She played the role of Michèle on tour in Forbach, Paris, Saint-Dizier and Vichy all throughout 2022.

L'opérette Normandie au Trianon en 2022

Past Midnight

In February 2020, Eléonore performed in a Past Midnight, a new musical directed by Jasmine Yelland at The Two Brewers in Clapham.

Past Midnight the Musical.

Poor Tom

Eléonore participated in a festival of new writing at the OSO Arts Centre.
Alongside Dom Green, she appeared in Poor Tom written by Jacqueline Graham and directed by Ariella Como Stoian.

OSO Arts Centre on Twitter: "Want to see something completely new ...